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  McIntosh Mc162 Solid State Power Amplifier
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McIntosh Mc162
McIntosh Mc162
McIntosh Mc162
McIntosh Mc162
  McIntosh Mc162

  Description (McIntosh Mc162)
Drives large speakers with ease. Very smooth and musical. Large dynamic response. Excellent sound stage. These are just some of the few feelings and words people use to describe the Mc162. This amp is a gem. Sought after and rarely for sale. This one is an 8, but would be a 9. Slight marks on the tops of the end caps. Slight rubbing about 1 inch on the rear top. A little light rubs on the side. This is one spectacular amp and the price is right on. Check around, and you will see that this is one fantastic deal. Check my feedback and buy with confidence. I am serious about my pieces and serious about McIntosh. Awesome piece. Thanks for looking.

****My AUDIOGON Policy***. NOTE ON SHIPPING - If you have anxiety issues, and want your equipment thrown in a box with peanuts and newspaper within 24 hours after payment please buy your equipment on that auction site or somewhere else. I once ordered a Mc MQ101 and it came, no joke, in a Macy’s shirt box with a label on it, smashed to smithereens. I am a family man, and I take pride in packing my items. I have had custom boards made to mount my Mc pieces to for shipment – a thing I have never seen anyone do other than Mc. Packing a Mc piece properly takes a lot of time. I live in San Diego, 92109 so know it takes a week for you to get something if you live in Maine or Pennsylvania AFTER YOUR CLEARED PAYMENT. NOTE ON PAYMENT: I ship within 10 BUSINESS DAYS after payment. I do not have the time to play games, as this is a hobby for me in addition to my several full time jobs. Also, if your payment is outside California, even if it is a money order, my bank, usBank, sometimes holds these funds for five business days due to scammers. OTHER: FedEX Ground has a 70 pound weight limit to a home address, and if the Mc piece I am selling is over this, you must send me a business address or I cannot send it to you. Recent transactions on Audiogon have been filled with unnecessary drama, and I wish to keep it simple. That is why I am selling my nice stuff here. If you do not agree to these terms, then please do not submit an offer. Thank You. And again, local pickup is preferred.

If Paypal is used, please use the Paypal fee calculator and add 3% of the total price to the amount. There is no way around Paypal fees, and if you want to use Paypal in any form, you must pay the fee. Thank You.

I do not send anything to UNCONFIRMED (even in the US), NON-US VERIFIED PAYPAL accounts or addresses, ever. PAYPAL does nothing to protect the Seller from unauthorized, NON-VERIFIED, Unconfirmed addresses.
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