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  April Music Eximus DP-1 just released, mint!
This item has been SOLD

April Music Eximus DP-1
April Music Eximus DP-1
April Music Eximus DP-1
April Music Eximus DP-1
April Music Eximus DP-1
BOX -- Also serves as a carrying case.
April Music Eximus DP-1
INSIDE BOX (Power cord & manual inside).

  Description (April Music Eximus DP-1)
April Music Eximus DP-1 DAC/Pre/headphone amplifier from Korea.

RARE: One of ONLY 10 legitimate US import currently available (i.e. 110V mains). Eximus DP-1 started shipping in South Korea (country of origin) back in July, but in US it's only becoming available now. I was told I am the VERY FIRST US BUYER.

INTRODUCTION: 24bit/192kHz DAC + a full active line preamp section + a full dedicated headphone section. USB 2.0 input accepts a 24bit/192kHz (a full Stello U3 card inside). Also accepts coax, balanced, I2s digital inputs, as well as preamp analogue inputs. Has both single-ended and balanced line-level outputs and headphone outputs (both 1/4" and mini). GORGEOUS LOOKS -- a picture is worth a thousand words -- check out the leaf patterns on the topside! Recently received 6 Moons Blue Moon award as being equal or better than the $4000 Invicta Resonessence (itself deemed equal to or better than Weiss Minerva) and 3500-EURO Antelop Audio Zodiac Gold + Voltikus.

CONDITION: MINT, PERIOD. Opened the box, listened to it for 5 hours and then boxed it EXACTLY the way it was originally packed, and then double boxed it.

LISTENING NOTES: This is clearly the BEST DAC I have heard on my headphone setup (Cavalli Liquid Fire + Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2). Within 5 hours from cold start, this DAC/pre clearly beat my previous North Star USB DAC32 (which had previously clearly beaten Modwright Platinum-Signature Transporter with Black Treasure tubes). I had previously praised the North Star DAC for being detailed yet unfatiguing and refined. Eximus DP-1 trades in North Star's "comfort level" for MUCH more detail, nuance, and LIVE feeling. Plus, the Eximus adds considerably more dynamics and bass over the North Star, making for such a wide-awake and open sound (still musical). If North Star's sound is the kind that you want to relax to into the night, Eximus' sound is like being in the venue (concert hall, studio). People attend a concert or a studio recording session NOT to relax but to FOCUS ON MUSIC. That's the type of live feeling you get with Eximus DP-1 as a DAC/pre through Liquid Fire.

REASON FOR SELLING: Money. I can't afford to keep both my Cavalli Liquid Fire and Eximus DP-1, even though the two make a fantastic match. Eximus DP-1 was my first serious attempt to reduce my two-box headphone setup to one-box. However, the Cavalli Liquid Fire (a $3250 dedicated headphone amp) sounds sufficiently better than the headphone output of the Eximus DP-1, such that I no longer want to give up the Cavalli and instead want to look for a cheaper DAC solution than the Eximus DP-1.

PRICE: Eximus DP-1 retails for $3000. I'll sell mine for $2600 ALL INCLUSIVE (Paypal + shipping with CON US). Again, this unit is 5-hours old.
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