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  Highfan's Feedback
My second transaction and just as friendly and reliable as the first one. Absolutely no hassles and excellent communication, great products and even better prices.
  Positive by  Buyer Khkenny (437) on 12-20-06

Great seller.
  Positive by  Buyer Steve_moore (237) on 09-16-06  re: Analog

Excellent Audiogon seller, with great pricing on vdH cartridges. My cartridge had a quality problem (not his fault) and he took care of it promptly, all under warrantee. You can buy with confidence from Highfan.
  Positive by  Buyer Kcovi (42) on 09-07-06  re: Analog

Absolutely flawless deal - sometimes, you just have to wait a few extra days for everything to be just right. And, this was all just right, from communication, committments, and delivery. A+++ Thanks, John.
  Positive by  Buyer Pabbi1 (12) on 08-29-06  re: Speaker

Thanks John, Appreciated your service a lot. I am very happy with this great unit. Never had a better analogue set. Johnny Cash sounds like he still is alive.
  Positive by  Buyer Froggie (123) on 08-24-06  re: Analog

Excellent communication plus intimate knowledge of the cartridges that he was offering. Helped me get the right cartridge for my system and listening preferences. Very prompt delivery of cartridge. Highly recommmended.
  Positive by  Buyer Audiophobic (60) on 08-08-06  re: Analog

Great transaction: Great product, great communication, great guy. This is why we all hang out at Audiogon.
  Positive by  Buyer Vtl (156) on 08-07-06  re: Analog

One of the most reliable Audio lovers I have ever met. Reccomended.
  Positive by  Seller Vdh_cartridge_service (183) on 07-25-06  re: Analog

Great transaction. Does not get any better. Thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Imjerrys (864) on 05-06-06

no problems +++
  Positive by  Buyer Eralff (48) on 03-05-06  re: Analog

PERFECT transaction. Looking forward to the next time. Thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Imjerrys (864) on 03-04-06

If you have an old cherished cartridge that needs a second life then this is the person to send it to. Chances are excellent that the cartridge will return to you sounding better than ever, compliments of Mr. Van Den Hul. HIGHFAN is ***** five star
  Positive by  Buyer Colinandsue (15) on 02-08-06  re: Analog

Highfan is a recommended audiogonner. A huge A++++
  Positive by  Seller Andred (57) on 11-29-05  re: Analog

Great seller, as usual, what he says he does... Buy with confidence!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Litildivil (45) on 11-29-05  re: Digital

Great Seller, good items, buy with conmfidence... AAAAA+
  Positive by  Buyer Litildivil (45) on 11-23-05  re: Speaker

Good communication and support. Will buy again from him for sure. I trust him and so should you. Highly recommend!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Litildivil (45) on 11-16-05  re: Cables

Fatest shipping and excellent transaction. Great A'goner. Thank you very much.
  Positive by  Buyer Briare (45) on 10-19-05  re: Digital

Thanks for this great turntable, 100 % the condition you described.
  Positive by  Buyer Froggie (123) on 10-17-05  re: Analog

Very good communication and equipment very well packed. Thanks.
  Positive by  Buyer Kraal (6) on 09-24-05  re: Analog

Thank you for your fast payment and nice communications. Great to have you as a customer and analogue music lover.
  Positive by  Seller Vdh_cartridge_service (183) on 09-22-05  re: Analog

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