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Good seller and good audiogoner
  Positive by  Buyer Algarte (15) on 07-29-11  re: Accessory

Smooth transaction, good communication from seller, quick shipment, Will gladly do business with seller again
  Positive by  Buyer Browng53 (198) on 06-29-11  re: Home theater

Perfect transaction! Bought it Wednesday and received it Friday at lunch. The Nespa Pro was packed well, is in mint condition and works perfectly. Thanks Robert!
  Positive by  Buyer Krell_man (288) on 06-24-11  re: Accessory

Packed very well in original box, will buy next time.
  Positive by  Buyer Fyuan (21) on 05-05-09  re: Digital

Great seller; merchadise condition as described and shipped promptly. Seamless Transaction, A+
  Positive by  Buyer Curtiss1111 (60) on 04-18-09  re: Power Cable

Merchadise was acccurately described in posting; great communication & fast shipping. Five Star Transaction.
  Positive by  Buyer Curtiss1111 (60) on 04-04-09  re: Power Cable

Handling charge is a bit high...
  Neutral by  Buyer Ottoychang (68) on 09-16-07

Smooth and easy transaction, All dealings should be like this. Good communication great packing and very fast shipping.
  Positive by  Buyer Kenscollick (168) on 03-07-07  re: Power Cable

  Positive by  Buyer Verocorreaangeles (27) on 03-06-07  re: Power Cable

terific transaction , items as describe, quick and prompt shipment, honorable and trustworthy 'goner-- what more can one ask for? one of the very best memebers of this forum- highly ,highly recommended!
  Positive by  Buyer Ozy (537) on 03-05-07  re: Power Cable

AAA+++ Perfect Transaction, Secure & Prompt Shipping, Good Communications!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Ldgator (9) on 03-05-07  re: Accessory

Great transaction with fastest shipping. I really recommend to deal with him. Thank you so much.
  Positive by  Buyer Briare (45) on 12-07-06  re: Accessory

The unit arrived as described, super fast shipping, great communication, made transaction very smooth, Thank You!!
  Positive by  Buyer Djkrock (87) on 11-14-06  re: Accessory

Prompt delivery, carefully packed, highest quality, and good communication from a real trustworthy guy.
  Positive by  Buyer Yada (309) on 11-13-06  re: Accessory

Quick, easy transaction. Items as described. Fast shipping; great communication! Great seller! Thanks, Robert!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Spineneedle (105) on 11-11-06  re: Accessory

Prompt and friendly communication, very fast shipping, safe and secure packing, and products in excellent condition - this transaction couldn't have gone better. Highly recommended Audiogoner! Thanks, Bob, for the very smooth transaction.
  Positive by  Buyer Adamslaw (480) on 11-10-06  re: Accessory

excellent communication and fast/safe shipment. A+ Audiogoner
  Positive by  Buyer Gastwa (380) on 11-10-06  re: Accessory

Excellent person to do business with - I would work with him on a verbal "handshake" anytime. A+++
  Positive by  Seller Jwpstayman (42) on 05-23-06

Great deal, accurate description, well packed, good communication, timely, accommodating, Thanks Robert
  Positive by  Buyer Emoonie (834) on 04-28-06  re: Digital

Outstanding seller. Conservatively rated product, great communication and packing.
  Positive by  Buyer Stokm001 (207) on 03-29-06  re: Accessory

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