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  Mtspiritjp's Feedback
Great buyer, instant payment and very professional. Very highly recommended to everyone.
  Positive by  Seller Eminence_audio (501) on 04-24-12  re: Accessory

No problems smooth transaction. Recommended.
  Positive by  Seller Zateam (15) on 01-15-12  re: Preamplifier

Recommender buyer, fast payment, good communications. Would do business again with Mtspiritjp. Thank you
  Positive by  Seller Ppsapp (234) on 12-20-11  re: Speaker

Mr Miwa is a great member of audiogon.It is alway a pleasure to communicate and do business with Mr.Miwa. Highly reommended! A++++++++
  Positive by  Seller Daviswang (15) on 11-24-11  re: Cables

XCLN Audiogoner. Highly recomanded.
  Positive by  Seller Hifitlc (199) on 08-13-11  re: Preamplifier

Takahiro is a person of great honor and integrity and has patience in dealing with international shipping and banking. Highly recommended and an asset to Audiogon. A+++
  Positive by  Seller Obiewon (90) on 05-22-11  re: Amplifier

Excellent buyer and great Audiogon user.My highest recommendation.
  Positive by  Seller Ktchiu (91) on 02-21-11  re: Cables

U can't find a better Audiogoner. Decisive with excellent communication and a gentleman to deal with. Don't hesitate to do business with him. Many thanks!!
  Positive by  Seller Rata3 (324) on 02-20-11  re: Cables

Mr. Takahiro Is The Persona Of What’s Best About AudiogoN(ers)…Intelligent, Decisive, No Games, Ultra Fast Payment & Honorable...............And in spite of all that, Mr. Takahiro is a nice guy. (~:
  Positive by  Seller Iron (9) on 11-25-10  re: Amplifier

Excellent Buyer.Smooth and quick transaction.Quick payment too.Thank you very much.
  Positive by  Seller Ckaudio (370) on 11-02-10  re: Amplifier

Item sold for $1100. US Please advise.
  Positive by  Seller Pacificsound (6) on 08-14-10  re: Integrated Amp

Awesome transaction, will sell always to Mtspiritjp. Thanks for the 2nd purchase!
  Positive by  Seller Jamesemaj (219) on 05-25-10  re: Speaker

Great Communication. Smooth to deal with. Highly Recommended! Thank you!
  Positive by  Seller Daesung (153) on 05-24-10  re: Preamplifier

Very helpful in this my first international transaction.
  Positive by  Seller Ccweston (6) on 05-17-10  re: Preamplifier

great buyer and fast payment,hope do business in the future,thanks
  Positive by  Seller Princetonsound (285) on 03-14-10  re: Accessory

Very good member. Polite and quick to respond. Made this International transaction very easy.
  Positive by  Seller Upgrade1394 (657) on 02-19-10  re: Home theater

Takahiro was great to deal with, everything went well with the overseas shipping! Prompt Pay and fantastic communication! A++++
  Positive by  Seller Hansonaudio (432) on 02-19-10  re: Speaker

Very good transaction. Kindly communication and superfast payment. A+++++
  Positive by  Seller Rocoa (507) on 11-12-09  re: Analog