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  Pataburd's Feedback
It was a true pleasure dealing with Patrick throughout the process. Fast payment, courteous and considerate communication made for a rewarding sale. Thanks, and enjoy the cables finally! Stewart @ Soundsilver
  Positive by  Seller Soundsilver (591) on 01-02-11  re: Cables

Pat is very honest,upbeat and a great communicator-in short a perfect customer!
  Positive by  Seller Maxieeee (303) on 12-02-10  re: Speaker

A rare pleasure to actually meet another A-gon member face to face. Too bad we didn't have more time to talk. Smooth transaction. A really nice guy to deal with. Thanks Patrick.
  Positive by  Seller Wratman (255) on 07-20-09  re: Speaker

Great to do business with! Super Audiogonner! A+++++
  Positive by  Seller Pcwizard (4169) on 07-21-08

Great to do business with! Super Audiogonner! A+++++
  Positive by  Seller Pcwizard (4169) on 07-21-08

Payment was made promptly after we reached an agreement. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the smooth transaction!
  Positive by  Seller Chenc (198) on 06-19-08

Very positive feedback. I would do business with Patrick again any time.
  Positive by  Seller No_depressionjoe (99) on 06-04-08  re: Cables

Fast payment and excellent communication. A pleasure to do business with.
  Positive by  Seller Decibelaudio (694) on 01-18-08  re: Accessory

Pat communicated very well, paid promptly and conducted a very pleasant transaction. Great buyer! A++++++++++
  Positive by  Seller Wetsodacracker (33) on 12-21-07

Loyal repeat customer. Sent us his AKG K-701 headphone for Revelation Audio Labs 'CryoSilver Reference' cable mod / installation. Again, excellent communication & instant payment. Extremely pleasant to deal with. +A+ recommendation!
  Positive by  Seller Vtech2000 (1340) on 08-12-07  re: Cables

Purchased Revelation Audio Labs 'CryoSilver Reference' headphone cable. Highly respected, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable music lover. Excellent communication, instant payment, extremely pleasant to deal with. +A+ recommended member.
  Positive by  Seller Vtech2000 (1340) on 07-03-07  re: Accessory

Great communication, easy transaction, fast pay!!! Credit to AudioGon!
  Positive by  Seller Audionews (150) on 06-07-07  re: Accessory

Respected my price point. Paid quickly. Excellent communication. Will ship when the check clears. Thank you.
  Positive by  Seller Koolbubbaice (21) on 05-21-07  re: Amplifier

Patrick is a credit to Audiogon, fast responces, good communication, great deal on the product, packaged and shipped as promised, and an all around great guy !! AAAA++++
  Positive by  Buyer Rodge827 (99) on 05-07-07  re: Power Conditioner

Great Buyer and Smooth Transaction, A+++++
  Positive by  Seller Ab11565 (318) on 04-19-07  re: Cables

100% problem free and smooth transaction. Fast payment, quick responses. A pleasure to do business with!
  Positive by  Seller Cuwatch1 (48) on 12-01-06  re: Accessory

Very nice person - easy to deal with. A pleasure.
  Positive by  Seller Chayro (348) on 11-06-06  re: Accessory

Patrick sold me a pair of AKG headphones with an upgraded cable & this cable developed a problem during shipping. Patrick worked with the supplier of the upgraded cable to resolve the problem at minimal hassle to me. A++ all the way.
  Positive by  Buyer Ralphp_nj (69) on 09-15-06  re: Speaker

Thanks for everything!!!! Very helpful, highly recommended, and complete follow thru.
  Positive by  Buyer Red2 (294) on 08-20-06  re: Preamplifier

Excellent buyer with good communications.
  Positive by  Seller Dioto (510) on 05-26-06  re: Accessory

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