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  Pcwizard's Feedback
Excellent to deal with, highly recommend
  Positive by  Buyer Vallin (6) on 03-02-13  re: Cables

I'm still flabbergasted at the sonic improvement of Steve's amazing interconnects. In almost 30 years of the pursuit of "Hi-Fi", I've never heard a better product for the price. Amazing.
  Positive by  Buyer Dcdavis1978 (186) on 01-17-13  re: Cables

Best power cord around.Steve is the man.A+ sale.Will buy again.
  Positive by  Buyer Tma48 (42) on 12-17-12  re: Power Cable

Product arrived as described.
  Positive by  Buyer G_man (9) on 06-13-12  re: Cables

Great product at a great price, thank you!!
  Positive by  Buyer Nebfan (238) on 06-03-12  re: Cables

excellent cables and srrvice
  Positive by  Buyer Jimboom13 (27) on 04-17-12  re: Cables

These are the nicest ICs I own. I love them. Great build & appearance. Audibly invisible. Great speed & service from the Co. I'm very happy and bet many of you would be too.
  Positive by  Buyer Tangman01 (9) on 04-11-12  re: Cables

good communication despite the new A'gon limitations. IC's delivered when promised. Sound great right out of the box. Thanks
  Positive by  Buyer Stormboy51 (30) on 03-05-12  re: Cables

Excellent Product
  Positive by  Buyer Outsidethebox (6) on 02-12-12  re: Cables

These cables are fantastic. And the price couldn't be better. Great cables at any price...They brought in a bit more definition to my valves, exactly what I was looking for...Thanks so much...
  Positive by  Buyer Ravenbark (48) on 02-03-12  re: Cables

The interconnects arrived when promised. Cables are well constructed and look great. Smooth and easy transaction. Highly recommended. Thanks.
  Positive by  Buyer Dhwh (0) on 02-03-12  re: Cables

This transaction was very smooth. Quick and clear communication. Cables fit very well with and have improved my system. I would highly recommend purchasing MAC Cables on Audiogon.
  Positive by  Buyer Mberrync (48) on 01-15-12  re: Cables

Great seller who delivered what was promised. Recommend A+++.
  Positive by  Buyer Snackeyp (17) on 01-01-12  re: Cables

very satisfied
  Positive by  Buyer Smargolis1 (30) on 01-01-12  re: Cables

Product came when promised, in good shape.
  Positive by  Buyer Jameskasdon (3) on 01-01-12  re: Cables

OK transaction. Reccomended seller.
  Positive by  Buyer Johncochrane (90) on 12-27-11  re: Cables

Excellent build quality with thick construction yet still flexible. Also purchased two MAC Burly PCs which greatly improved the bass on my amp & preamp. Good work! Would buy from them again.
  Positive by  Buyer Jojoskidancer (21) on 12-26-11  re: Power Cable

Power cables had excellent build, thick construction and flexible. Sound good and improving. Seller communications started fine then silence. Zero feedback. Would buy from them again.
  Positive by  Buyer Jojoskidancer (21) on 12-22-11  re: Power Cable

great, works perfectly
  Positive by  Buyer Kgcdc (264) on 12-19-11  re: Power Cable

Very nice interconnect, great quality, love the flexibility
  Positive by  Buyer Leadax (180) on 12-19-11  re: Cables

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