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  Russman's Feedback
Item was exactly as described. Good easy pickup.
  Positive by  Buyer Kingedword (9) on 07-21-11  re: Speaker

Easy and excellent transaction. Fast shipment, well packed & good carrier. Couldn't ask for more. Great communication with seller.
  Positive by  Buyer Starbux48 (6) on 07-12-11  re: Speaker

Very nice transaction with Russ, very fast shipping and Great Packing job! Very pleased, would do business again.
  Positive by  Buyer Woodman056 (234) on 06-29-11  re: Preamplifier

packaging was well insulated, xlnt overall price and shipping charges
  Positive by  Buyer Abeflores (39) on 06-26-11  re: Preamplifier

A1 seller, fantastic packing job!!!
  Positive by  Buyer 52tiger (60) on 06-25-11  re: Preamplifier

Looks good. Item exactly as described. Very happy with this tuner, it is working great. Thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Hatstien (36) on 06-24-11  re: Miscellaneous

Thanks Russ! Excellent and smooth transaction! The finest packing I have yet to encounter! Unit sounds amazing! Thanks again!
  Positive by  Buyer Spl (108) on 06-24-11  re: Amplifier

Beautiful pair of the much beloved and missed VPI "brick". Better than described! Well matched pair. Thank you very much honorable Russman. Hope to do more business with you! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  Positive by  Buyer Dott_c (804) on 06-24-10  re: Accessory

Thanks Russ! And it was packaged to withstand a nuclear blast!
  Positive by  Buyer Clonefall (36) on 10-06-09  re: Integrated Amp

Russ was a pleasure to Deal with. Fast payment. Look foward to doing more business with him.
  Positive by  Seller Fireman32 (24) on 03-10-08  re: Amplifier

Very well packed and arrived in record time, thanks Russ.
  Positive by  Seller Jarmideo (39) on 11-23-07

Russman is an honest seller. Item was as described in excelent condition. I would buy from him again. A+++++.
  Positive by  Buyer Haimoc (225) on 06-26-07  re: Amplifier

Carefully packed in 2 cartons and as described! Very reliable and honest seller.
  Positive by  Buyer Lula (714) on 06-07-07  re: Amplifier

Russ is great to work with. Don't hesitate to buy from him.
  Positive by  Buyer Kensm (348) on 05-05-07  re: Power Conditioner

A true audio nut. Great communication, a man of his word. Rock solid.
  Positive by  Buyer Myraj (656) on 04-26-07  re: Speaker

A complete delight. Russ is always great to deal with. Thanks for all the help and very much enjoyed the visit too. AAA+++
  Positive by  Buyer Myraj (656) on 04-26-07  re: Speaker

A pleasure to deal with, great emails, completely trustworthy.
  Positive by  Buyer Myraj (656) on 04-26-07  re: Speaker

Prompt shipment, excellent protective packaging, item exactly as described.
  Positive by  Buyer Johnnybgoode (54) on 04-23-07  re: Speaker

Excellent transaction; fast payment and it was a pleasure to deal with. You can't go wrong with Russ
  Positive by  Seller Htrookie (300) on 03-21-07  re: Speaker

Russ is a very nice Audiogoner. Super fast shipping. I strongly recommend Russ to all to do any business with. Thanks again, Russ.
  Positive by  Buyer Haimoc (225) on 11-17-06  re: Accessory

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