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  Vlw9044's Feedback
On promise of payment we incurred expense to have unit converted for usa voltage.Despite promises, and excuses about his bank,no payment has arrived.A waste of time & money
  NEGATIVE by  Seller Coomo (150) on 12-11-12  re: Digital

A+++ Smooth transaction.
  Positive by  Seller Audioaudioaudio (9) on 07-22-12  re: Cables

Prompt payment and very smooth transaction. Gary is a first class buyer and highly recommended.
  Positive by  Seller Linkster (135) on 07-20-12  re: Power Conditioner

Super person to work with and prompt payment. Highly recommended and A+++++ rating.
  Positive by  Seller Abj (63) on 07-04-12  re: Cables

completely unthrustworthy guy. ordered the item and 1 day later pulled back. beware!
  NEGATIVE by  Seller Gvalves (257) on 04-19-12  re: Cables

Excellent transaction: rapid payment, great communication and otherwise hassle-free!
  Positive by  Seller Pmcneil (45) on 04-05-12  re: Home theater

Fast payment. easy transaction, recomended
  Positive by  Seller St4man (18) on 03-12-12  re: Power Conditioner

Great to work with as the new site came on line. Many thanks.
  Positive by  Seller Jlysaker (408) on 02-10-12  re: Power Cable

Very quick pay and a perfect transaction. Recommended very highly. Would like to do business with again.
  Positive by  Seller Bigbear (162) on 01-06-12  re: Digital

Thanks for the quick payment!!!
  Positive by  Seller Bbchem (207) on 01-01-12  re: Cables

Another flawless transaction with Gary. A Valued Customer! Highest recommendation!
  Positive by  Seller Joeabrams (2976) on 12-31-11  re: Cables

Great to interact with, highly recommended! A++
  Positive by  Seller Silverlight99 (54) on 12-31-11  re: Amplifier

Flawless transaction. XLNT communication & follow-thru. Highly recommended!
  Positive by  Seller Joeabrams (2976) on 12-17-11

Thank you too.
  Positive by  Seller Akakadak (441) on 12-07-11  re: Preamplifier

HigherFi says good customer with quick payment.
  Positive by  Seller Lunac (810) on 12-07-11  re: Amplifier

Silky smooth transaction, highly recommended!
  Positive by  Seller Richard_stacy (399) on 12-07-11  re: Cables

  Positive by  Seller Kreyg18 (15) on 12-06-11  re: Power Conditioner

no issues. no never ending questions. finally a simple transaction. thank you.
  Positive by  Seller Kirbygaboury (21) on 11-21-11  re: Cables

Fast payment,no hassel,highly Recommended!
  Positive by  Seller Mmurach (261) on 11-17-11  re: Cables

Great buyer, prompt payment, I hope we can do business again. Thanks! A+++
  Positive by  Seller Aapham (1510) on 04-14-11  re: Home theater

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