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  Wctug's Feedback
Great transaction and quick payment from a highly recommended audiogoner.
  Positive by  Seller Heyhifiguy (42) on 08-19-12  re: Analog

Item exactly as described and quickly shipped. Recommended.
  Positive by  Buyer Csmgolf (624) on 07-01-12  re: Cables

Excellent customer, A+
  Positive by  Seller Generubinaudio (762) on 03-12-12  re: Cables

Good communication and fast payment! A smooth transaction! A+++++++++++++++++++ Audiogoner!
  Positive by  Seller Ksl822 (159) on 07-24-11

Excellent A'goner, great communication & prompt payment.
  Positive by  Seller Llb73 (833) on 05-20-11  re: Cables

Excellent transaction, very good communication, thank you
  Positive by  Seller Bixby (144) on 05-03-11  re: Power Cable

Quick payment, good communication, would gladly deal with Wctug again - thanks!
  Positive by  Seller Timbana (159) on 04-24-11  re: Power Cable

Great audiogoner , fast payment and great communication . Highly recommended , would love to do business with him again.
  Positive by  Seller Cheche9 (63) on 04-24-11  re: Power Cable

Textbook transaction, buyer followed through promptly at every step.
  Positive by  Seller Naunc (666) on 04-24-11  re: Power Cable

really great guy to deal with. thanks!
  Positive by  Seller Greygrl (48) on 04-13-11  re: Power Cable

Great Communication for a smooth transaction. Highly recommended. Thank You.
  Positive by  Seller Get2it1 (321) on 03-30-11  re: Power Conditioner

Excellent transaction. Product in very good condition and very willing to work with me on best way to reduce shipping cost. Thanks
  Positive by  Buyer Tbone (21) on 03-22-11  re: Amplifier

quick, easy transaction with good communication
  Positive by  Seller Grr6001 (1131) on 03-02-11  re: Power Cable

Great buyer fast payment highly recommend!!!
  Positive by  Seller Tdacash (84) on 02-21-11  re: Cables

Great Customer
  Positive by  Seller Enorv888 (60) on 02-14-11  re: Amplifier

Fast payment, smooth deal. Excellent transaction. Thank You!
  Positive by  Seller Wynnclaims (6) on 10-18-10  re: Amplifier

Fast payment - Excellent transaction
  Positive by  Seller Fonz (438) on 09-25-10  re: Cables

Recieved speakers in excellent condition. Fast and a pleasure to deal with. A+++
  Positive by  Buyer Obiewon (90) on 04-10-10  re: Speaker

As described, in great working order and great sounding. It was really kind of him to provide local delivery over a toll bridge. This was my first transaction and I am very pleased.
  Positive by  Buyer Trandy1001 (9) on 03-28-10  re: Speaker

Excellent seller, fast shipping, very good experience!
  Positive by  Buyer Bam_studios (495) on 08-24-09  re: Cables

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