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  Islandbird's Feedback
Tom is a great seller and very knowledgeable. A very nice transction with great product. This is an A++ seller and highly recommended.
  Positive by  Buyer Luckyguy (125) on 05-22-08  re: Cables

Tom is very easy to deal with, detailed keeps you informed and does a great job with packing and shipping. A+++ guy
  Positive by  Buyer Aaay (3) on 05-11-07  re: Speaker

Excellent seller. Fast, honest, professional.
  Positive by  Buyer Peterayer (102) on 11-29-06

Great Buyer - Fast Payment....Thanks! A++++
  Positive by  Seller Gfroman (668) on 07-11-05  re: Accessory

Great transaction. Very fast. no complaints.
  Positive by Peterayer (102) on 06-10-03

Equip. exactly as described. Wonderful transaction. 10/10 experience.
  Positive by Peterayer (102) on 06-04-03

Pick-up speaker in mint condition plus all documents still kept carefully. A++++
  Positive by Hbhinh (24) on 05-26-03

Item arrived quick and looked new. Friendly seller is an asset to our hobby! A+
  Positive by Dudeaudio (123) on 05-18-03

A1, quick and easy
  Positive by Audioasylum (1121) on 10-31-01