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  Joeabrams's Feedback
Excellent transaction and fair price. Would buy from them again.
  Positive by  Buyer Ecsjr60 (18) on 04-13-13  re: Cables

Perfect Audiogon transaction. Extremely impressed with Joe's expertise and advice. Would be at top of my list for any future cable purchases.
  Positive by  Buyer Sf52 (42) on 04-06-13  re: Cables

Thank you very easy to deal with, everything perfect. Amazing cables great price. Highly recommended!
  Positive by  Buyer Mnmman (12) on 03-27-13  re: Cables

It doesn't get any better than working with Joe. An absolute AAA+++ experience.
  Positive by  Buyer Gmbrown538 (195) on 03-25-13  re: Cables

Pleasure dealing with Joe. Great price, fast shipping, and obviously excellent gear....they were great out of the box. Will buy from again.
  Positive by  Buyer Jadegrenade410 (72) on 03-20-13  re: Cables

An absolute pleasure to deal with Joe Abrams. Most professional and quick to respond - and able to provide sound advice given his strong experience. Product arrived in perfect condition.
  Positive by  Buyer Dtossan (3) on 03-12-13  re: Cables

As usual, Joe was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. And when he doesn't have the answer, he will go find it for you. I can't think of anyone in the audio business I'd rather purchase from.
  Positive by  Buyer Fgiannetto (36) on 03-12-13  re: Cables

I can't say enough good things about Joe. Joe is great to deal with and Joe will give you a great deal on a great product. I trust Joe implicitly and know I can count on his advice and the products he delivers.
  Positive by  Buyer Mepearson (168) on 03-07-13  re: Cables

Very good to deal with Joe Abrams. Highly recommended.
  Positive by  Buyer Andersg (18) on 02-12-13  re: Cables

Perfect transaction. Good seller, honest and trustworthy. Great deals and great service. Would buy again. Thanks Joe for an excellent high end cable at an excellent price.
  Positive by  Buyer Lhay (48) on 02-05-13  re: Cables

Good communication, fast shipping, great price. Joe is one of the best sellers on audiogon. Thanks for a smooth transaction.
  Positive by  Buyer Benjie (218) on 01-31-13  re: Power Cable

Straight shooter, easy going, pleasure to do business with, best prices
  Positive by  Buyer Markfx (21) on 01-29-13  re: Cables

Thanks for the MIT cables! Fast delivery!
  Positive by  Buyer Kahw (15) on 01-23-13  re: Cables

Joe has excellent products and service highly recommended !
  Positive by  Buyer Audioman58 (171) on 01-13-13  re: Cables

A pleasure to deal with. Always good value. Greatly appreciated.
  Positive by  Buyer Drewmb1 (12) on 12-22-12  re: Cables

Fast shipping. Cables sound great!
  Positive by  Buyer Kleonard (69) on 12-07-12  re: Cables

Perfect transaction ... like always. Joe is a reliable, honest and professional seller. Thanks.
  Positive by  Buyer Martingreder (3) on 09-30-12  re: Cables

Joe was very quick to respond,took less than a week to get my cables to me in Canada. The whole transaction went perfectly, another happy customer :)
  Positive by  Buyer Lucuis (6) on 09-05-12  re: Cables

Perfect transaction. Good seller, honest and trustworthy. Great deals and great service.
  Positive by  Buyer Dhali777 (116) on 09-04-12  re: Cables

Great help and great service.Cables arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much Joe.
  Positive by  Buyer Zola1970 (138) on 09-03-12  re: Cables

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