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"As I listened, trying to find a fault, I could find none. The instruments leaped off a silent black background while each one possessed a frightful 3D realism..."

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Moreno V Submitted: 2017.10.25

What is in Hi-Fi that certain? There is no answer, I am afraid, one could suggest which could also escape from being discussed, criticized and even rejected as conjecture. From a "philosophical" point of view this sounds as relativism.

I will put the thing out this way, then: with the Morrow Elite cables I feel as I right found what I was looking for. That is, natural timbers and a musical picture which has to be believable, texturally, tonally, and spatially. Now, Elite power cords feed my tubed phono preamplifier and the amplifiers (both tube class A designs, including the headphone amplifier), Elite interconnects ( RCA and XLR) link them together and the phono stage to the turntable as well as an Elite phono cable brings the signal to the phono stage.

How did I feel since the first time the system began to sing? Well, I should say what wasn't conjecture was the enormous soundstage delivered: the wide, deep picture, combined with the refined, rich tonal balance and water-like musical flow, produced a calming yet simultaneously stimulating effect, much as you get when listening to live acoustic music in a good hall.

Every time I hear live symphonic music I'm reminded that, even when strings attack, they don't bite. Yet neither are they soft and smothered, as some gears deliver them. Instead, the initial attack is clean and sharp without etch, followed by a "rolling over" sensation, which together produce a roundness that announces "live." The Morrow Elite" magic was in its ability to produce that clean yet velvety sensation heard in live performance throughout the audible bandwidth—even at the very bottom, where acoustic bass sounded rich and full but never soft, bloated, or soggy. Simply put, just what I was looking for.

Moreno Valisone, Turin, Italy

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John F Submitted: 2017.05.26

The Elite Interconnects are really opening up and I am most pleased with their finesse and detail without any trace of edginess , glare or etching.

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Bee L Submitted: 2017.01.25

I am an Audiophile. I am completely aware of Burn-In, how and why. I do clearly hear the differences between cables (example RCA vs RCA). I have spent a lot of hard earned money on cables and other tweaks.

My Morrow Elite interconnects and Morrow DIG4 digital cable were true to your description concerning breakin. Your information in the supplied brochure was exact per 0-50 hrs, 50-100hrs, 100-150hrs, 400-450hrs, etc... Almost exactly!

I have only one regret. I purchased the Elite XLR and all along I had my eye on the 10 Year Anniversary XLR although I will keep my Elite and use them. I recommend if you can afford it, go up to the highest level within your own means.

Above all, the customer service is personal, attentive and importantly precise.

If you are seriously in the market to get every bit out of your Hi-Fi, you will not find a better cable + customer service then what you get from Mike Morrow. If you're still not sure or you're new to high quality cables, remember that you have nothing to lose as you have a trial period, BUT be sure to Burn-In correctly. Believe me, my cables sounded good from the start and continue to open up. The detail in separation and width and depth is mind blowing. The bass is smooth, deep and tight. It is everything that I want! What I find amazing is how silent the cables are! When I look at my Morrow Audio cables, I get a warm feeling. The cables look amazing and set my system off aesthetically.

Morrow Audio Cables are very well priced and you have many options too.

From one Audiophile to another get the highest level cable you can, you will love it! I do!

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Bee Lee Submitted: 2017.01.18

Hi Mike

Just wanted you to know the Elite XLR, DiGi4 and the latest headphone cable's sound absolutely superb. You said the wait will be worth it and you were right

I would like the 10 year Anniversary XLR and am interested to hear what one Elite XLR sounds like as AESEBU in combination with the 10 Year Anniversary XLR

I'd also like to complete my system with AC 10 Year Anniversary but will have to wait and get one at a time

Thank you Mike for the opportunity to experience greatness and also big thanks to the Morrow Team

Kind Regards

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